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About Internet Privacy

Posted by on May 7, 2016

About Internet Privacy

We live in the digital era, literally documenting and uploading our lives or projections of ourselves online every day. Most of the time all we see is that it’s useful or fun or both. Rarely do we see it as potential risk and a threat to our safety.

Leaving our digital footprints all over the cyber world leaves us vulnerable to different malicious actions, from getting our computer infected to becoming a victim of an actual money involving frauds.

mobile-phone-1087845_960_720As we move half of our lives online every day, we should seriously consider all available option of protecting ourselves, just as we do it in a real world. The matter of the internet or online privacy should interest every web user. Potential privacy violations and threat risks should concern all those making an online purchase, doing online business, using social networks, playing games or being active on various forums.

By definition, internet privacy refers to all techniques and methods used to secure personal, private and sensitive data published online by any user.

izrada-web-stranicaPrivacy risks usually include different hacking activities focused on stealing username, passwords, bank account or credit card data. It also includes well-known Spyware applications or various viruses, designed to collect your private information when you’re offline and send it to hacking source once you go online again.

Whether you are accessing the Internet via Internet service provider, Mobile phone carrier or Wi-Fi hotspot, you are basically providing information about yourself at various places. Whether you are aware of that or not. These pieces of information can be puzzled and combined resulting even with your identity stolen. This is why many believe that there is no such a thing as privacy online, but there are certainly ways to minimize the risks of privacy violation.


Generally, the less information you expose, the less risks you are facing. So, the first step towards gaining internet privacy and security is to think thoroughly about all the data you share online. The best advice would be not to share more than you are required, but this is kind of absurd to talk about when it comes to social media, for example. If you don’t want to see some info spread online, don’t place it online.

privacy-policy-1If you nevertheless decide to reveal additional information, next step would be to “get to know your enemy”. Do not just skip those steps. Read carefully every website’s private policy. Every website that doesn’t provide you with a detailed explanation of the terms of use is highly suspicious. You should avoid revealing personal data on every web page with weak security levels.

Another method of precaution that goes without saying is to keep your sensitive data secret. Keep your voice down when it comes to passwords or credit card numbers. Use the strong passwords and use more than one on different pages, just in the case that one gets hacked.

Ihate Passwords 2

Apply some particular steps, such as adjusting of browser’s privacy settings and protecting techniques for your computer. Regularly updated various anti-virus software should keep your stored data guarded.

marketingtrickThere are, also, sort of psychological methods of protecting your internet privacy. Learn how to recognize signs of frauds and threats. Every website promising you great rewards, presents, lottery winning, easy ways to earn great money or any kind of 100% instant success is an obvious marketing trick designed to deceive you. Don’t fall for it.

Most of the users have a personal impression that online frauds can’t happen to them because they are aware and reasonable enough, but you’d be surprised by the creativity of tricks used online. So, it is highly recommended to study some instructions and advice on how to improve your internet privacy protection. Explore our blog on internet privacy where you’ll get most of these tips gathered at one place.


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